Monday, June 26, 2017

Baby love...

We have welcomed a precious new baby girl into our family... another beautiful little great niece for me.  Our Maddy girl is now a big sister. Of course I knitted something special for her arrival...

  precious pink baby blanket
knitted in my 
"mistake stitch" pattern...

 a tiny whisper thin mohair
matching wrap and hat
for her newborn 

the tiny wrap is knitted 
in a variation of a honeycomb stitch.. 

 both the little wrap and hat
are embellished
with pink satin rosebuds
and trim...

 the gray mohair 
is from my "never ending stash...
the hat is knitted with grey 
ribbon ball yarn from
"Be Sweet"
(thank goodness it was also 
in my stash...)
(be forewarned... it is quite costly!)

 the blanket is knitted with 
the most wonderfully soft and exquisite yarn...
Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo.
(omgosh... I love this yarn!) 

this yarn knitted up so beautifully..
it is the perfect weight for a baby blanket
and is so wonderfully soft.
(this might be my new favorite yarn for
baby blankets)

As you know,
 our family has had
some great sadness in our lives...
knitting this little ensemble has been 
such a great help to me.
It is true what is said about the rhythm 
of knitting...
it calms the soul.

 Welcome to our beautiful
"Kynzley Jayde"

tiny fingers and toes...
she is perfect..

we are in baby love...

A little note from me...

I want to tell you something... 
I love you. All of you.  These past days have been difficult and dark for our family, but as you all know... we must go on.  We have to.  Your messages of comfort and love, the cards you sent, the emails, texts, messages on IG,.... everyday it seems there is something from you. Words to comfort me, telling me that you understand and that you are still here... waiting for me.  I cannot begin to tell you how much that your thoughts and prayers have meant to me.  

We still grieve, we always will.... but there is sunshine to warm my heart.  We have just returned from accompanying my son and our little grandaughters on a Disney cruise. "Pixie dust" is the cure for almost anything it seems.  I've been posting photos of our little trip, as well as my gardening, and some other tidbits on my
 "2 Bags Full" Instagram page.  I would love for you to follow me there...

For those of you who cannot, don't worry, I will still be here.  I will post as often as I can... but we are busy with so many things right now. And is just so much easier and quicker to post on IG.  If you do follow me there, please say hello and tell me that you are one of my blog readers.  I would love to follow you back on your own Instagram page. Rest assured though... my posts regarding the nests, and my knitted items will always be here.

Regarding the nests...
I'm so behind. Way behind. Way, way behind.  There is no way that the newest nest, the patriotic Freebird nest is going to be ready this summer.  So... I am pushing it back until early next summer.  It will be ready for the holidays next summer for sure.

Regarding the Kindness Quilt Project...
well, I'm behind on that too. Your beautiful contributions are all here and my next post will have photographs of all of the latest contributions.  Everything that has been donated since the first post with photos -- will be in this next post. August 1 is the deadline to send your contributions.  The quilt is going to be breathtaking -- truly lovely.  Thank you for understanding how and why I am so behind..

I'll be back as soon as I can... 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

An explanation of absence...

Her absence is like the sky, 
             spread over everything...
                     C. S. Lewis

Isaiah 41:10
So do not fear for I am with you; do not be dismayed for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

We have lost our beautiful Alicia....
The greatest mysteries in life have now been revealed to our beautiful daughter in law.
She fought stronger than the bravest of warriors for over 4 years. Never once complaining.. always with only one focus in her heart....To live for her girls and for her husband. In these past few days she gave her absolute all in hopes that she could live just a tiny bit longer for her babies. Not once did her faith in God ever waiver. She lived only to do His will and to be a Mother and a Wife.

God had other plans. We are so sad and we are trying so hard to accept and understand the "why" of it all. Our babies are only 4 and 6... (almost 7.) We will need the strength of a multitude of prayers in these days ahead. Our only focus is to be strong for our precious girls and for my son.

I am so very proud of my son. He has been an amazing husband and father during this most difficult time... giving his absolute all to his babies and to Alicia. Days and days and days of staying at the hospital all night and all day, and then going back and forth to help with homework and putting the girls to bed at night. Always leading them in bedtime prayers and reading their Bible stories to them. Alicia would be so proud.. they both have raised their girls to be close to God.

We are beyond exhausted and emotionally spent. There are no words to describe the hell that we have been through these past weeks and months.
Please just whisper a gentle prayer for my son and our beautiful granddaughters. I know that God will send sunshine into our life again.. but right now it is the darkest of days.

Fly high our beautiful Alicia... like Peter Pan you will be forever young. You will live in our hearts forever and we will never let your babies forget you💕

To my precious blog friends...
I know I've been gone a long time. I've been spending almost every minute helping my son and daughter in law with our precious granddaughters. Sadly, I've had not one extra minute for my blog. Not one..

I promise that I am coming back to you.. 
 but I'm going to need some time..💕


Sunday, October 23, 2016

Breast Cancer Awareness-- a knitted wrap for a Warrior Princess

Fate whispers to the warrior...
                "you cannot withstand the storm..."
                              and the warrior whispers back 
                                          " I am... the storm."

 October is
Breast Cancer Awareness

in my own humble little way,
I am dedicating my latest knitted wrap
to raising awareness 
for women everywhere...

every woman who is diagnosed
with breast cancer
becomes a warrior...

this knitted wrap,
the most exquisite and detailed 
that I have ever made...
is truly fit for a 
Warrior Princess..

 one end of my knitted wrap
is accented with a pale pink ribbon-
a symbol of Breast Cancer Awareness.
the pink ribbon 
is embellished with an exquisite
  garland made from
hundreds of seed beads, sequins, tiny glass leaves,
and my own embroidery accents.

unlike anything that I have ever made

the wrap is knitted
with my own combination 
of super soft acrylic yarns...
the beaded and embellished ribbon
separates a slight color distinction
in the design...
one end is knitted in a muted pink 
combination of yarns
while the remainder of the wrap
is knitted in muted tan colors 
accented with soft pink

a tiny muslin tag,
hand painted... 
bears the symbol of the
warrior princess...
so tiny that one would
hardly notice...
but she knows that it is there...

the entire wrap
is accented with beaded leaves,
vines, and flowers...

 over 50 tiny handmade leaves,
and over 40 flowers
are hand sewn
along a beautiful trailing vine...

every stitch
is filled with prayers...

 every leaf and flower
is accented with seed beads,
glass beads, and 
vintage accent pieces...

 and on one leaf,
another tiny beaded symbol for our
warrior princess...

beautiful blooms 
 are scattered
 along the trailing vine...

 every bloom
is beautiful and unique~
as is every warrior princess...

the charitable proceeds
from the sale of this knitted wrap
will be donated to
a women's ministry
that provides hope and support
to warrior princess's
who battle all types of cancer.
they have been kind to our family...

my "Warrior Princess"
knitted wrap...
can be found in my 
ETSY shop

I am humbled to love and admire
a beautiful and very special
warrior princess 
in our family...

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Kindness Quilt Project -- an exciting FIRST UPDATE!!

"Because, that's what Kindness is...
       It's not doing something for someone because they can't...
                   It's doing something for someone because you can...."
                                                                             Andrew Iskander

Only 3 months into this amazing project,
 and already the response has been incredible! 
To date, there are 94 quilt block donations
(from all over the world!!)
and a gorgeous assortment of laces
and notions.

Every donation has been photographed 
and I am so excited
to share them with you here
in this first update
to the 
(you can read about the project here)

the first 3 photos in this set 
are the amazing creations of
Bridget Baker
who shared her amazing talents
all the way from
Great Britain...

this beautiful quilt block was anonymously
donated by a 
kind and generous soul...

these lovely crochet squares
were sent from England
and were created by Jayne Purchase...

this next group of 7 stunning quilt squares
were lovingly created by 
Marlynne Snare
from Missouri...

you can find Marlynne
and her amazing talents 
at her blog--

these beautiful, soft, and colorful 
knitted squares
are from Louise
in California...

stunningly beautiful and so so soft...
these crochet squares are lovely donations from
Suzanne Elkin,

these next 3 photos share
the amazing creations of the talented
Jo Butler
and come from the state of

5 lovely embellished quilt blocks..
you can find Jo and her creations at her blog

this beautifully embellished quilt square 
has traveled all the way
from Australia 
to become part of this project....
 created by my friend 
Deb Uhrig...
Deb created the first Kindness Quilt
as a gift for one of her friends who was in need
of some special kindness.
I was pleased to have participated in Deb's
 unique and special project...
 and from there, 
our Kindness Quilt group was formed on 
You can read more about our group
and you can find sweet Deb on Instagram
under the name
"Raspberry Treats- Deb"... 

Lovely fabric and beautiful embellishments...
these next 2 quilt square donations are from
Elaine Kewin,
Elaine also donated 
an assortment of lovely notions
for the project...

you can find Elaine 
and her beautiful creations 
at her website

these next 5 photos
share the donations from a dear and precious friend
here at home...

created by my friend
Janet Yost...
this assortment of knitted and crochet squares
are lovely editions to this project...

Jan also donated an incredible
assortment of laces and ribbons that will be used
to further embellish the quilt...

These unique and beautiful knitted
squares were donated by
Loretta Alcorn,

another stunning addition to the project...
this beautiful quilt piece
was donated by 
Lorraine Williams
from Australia...

and.... from Australia,
created by Eva McMahon,
a stunning collection of 41 quilt squares...

beautiful and simple..
evidence that even the most simple designs
are stunning additions to this project...

some of these lovely quilt squares
will receive embellishments
from the donated laces and notions
that have been
gifted to this project...

from this lovely collection,
I hope you will realize that if you have even the most
basic talents in knitting, crochet, or sewing...
your gift will be treasured beyond words for this project...
do you paint?
I would love to have some donations
from those of you who might add painted
designs to a quilt square...

and if you have no skills at these crafts....
please send notions for embellishment of the project.
Any gift will be so appreciated...

the project will run until next August,
and I will publish updates as the donations arrive...
every donation will be photographed and shared here
on my blog and also on my
"2 Bags Full " Instagram page...
(I will begin posting on my IG page this week...)

From the bottom of my heart,
please accept my heartfelt thank you to everyone
who has donated to this amazing project...
in my next update,
I hope to share some photos of the quilt
 in beginning stages of becoming
if you have any questions regarding
this project,
you may email me..